The Purpose of God in the

Dispensation of Promise


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What is a "Dispensation?





...To choose one man through whom Messiah should come, to use him and his seed as His representatives in the earth, and to give them Canaan as a base of operation concerning His program among men in the gospel and in government eternally. The second eruption of the sons of God among men had already begun and giants were being born. They were beginning to possess the very land God had in mind for His own headquarters on earth (Gen. 12:6). It being His plan to use the sword of Israel to destroy these giants so as to preserve a pure line for Messiah to come through, God allowed Abraham's offspring to become a great and mighty nation down in Egypt. It was His further purpose to show the heathen, through Abraham, the difference between serving Him and other gods, and to make Israel an example to all men physically, mentally, morally, spiritually, and financially, as a nation enjoying the blessings of the true God, so that others should be won to Him by such benefits. Never was the purpose of God expressed more fully and clearly to any people; and never before did a nation have in their power such means of blessing all nations and bringing about universal peace, prosperity, and eternal salvation, as Israel (Gen. 12:1-3; 15:4-6; 17:1-21; 26:3-4; 28:13-15; Gal. 3:8-14; Dt. 7:6-9).


Failure: 5-fold (Gen. 12:1-Ex. 12:40):


(1) Failure of Abraham (Gen. 11:31-12:6; 12:10-20; 16:1-16; 17:18; 20:1-18)

(2) Failure of Isaac (Gen. 26:6-35; 27:1-4)

(3) Failure of Jacob (Gen. 25:27-34; 27:1-33; 31:1-42; 33:14; 37:3)

(4) Failure of the sons of Jacob (Gen. 37:4-6; 38:1-30)

(5) Failure of Israel after the death of Jacob and sons (Ex. 2:11-14; 5:21)


Judgment for sin: (Ex. 1: 7-6:30): The judgment upon Israel was bondage in Egypt - the beginning of oppression by Gentiles to be carried on eventually by eight world kingdoms. The judgment upon Egypt was the 10 plagues.


God’s provision for redemption: Israel had the gospel (Gal. 3:8; Heb. 4:2) and the typical program of sacrifices which, in shadow, taught them of redemption through the Messiah (Ex. 12; 25:1-40:38; Lev. 1:1-10:20; 23:1-44).




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